Kobe Bryant Ad

In class, we looked at a few advertisements for Kobe Bryant’s shoe. In these advertisements, we didn’t see the shoe at all but we saw a few ‘successful’ and famous people, such as Kanye West, Richard Branson, etc. I believe the main focus of the advertisement was too sell Kobe Bryant and his brand rather than just the product. By not showing the shoes throughout the ad, it made the audience more curious and interested in seeing the product, which is quite an interesting marketing strategy. A lot of Nike’s shoes are extremely and unnecessarily expensive and to a lot of people this gives them less incentive to buy them, but by doing this Nike ends up selling shoes which would have been previously considered expensive. By showing such popular and famous people in this ad, it seems to target quite a large range of people, those who aim to be¬†successful in life and seeing people like Kanye, Kobe, etc, just makes them more interested in the product. Women, however, may view this differently due to the fact that most of the successful people shown were men and this may upset a lot of women.

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