Service Reflection 5

Over the past couple weeks we have had new members join our service from grade 9, around 6 of them, and we have lost all 10th grade members of our service due to their upcoming Gcse Final exams. We have been doing ice breakers, such as tug of war or splash/bang, over the last 2 service meets so we can get to know the new members and be able to bond with them. In the last service meet we showed the new members where and how we stored our inventory which consists of glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery and cleaning materials. We taught them how we store it and the amount of times we count them a year, to make sure we haven’t lost any inventory. The new members seem quite interested and excited to be a part of our service and are very keen to learn the main goals and mission statement of our service. I think these new members will come a long way with helping us in events and taking control of the service after we graduate.

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