When Cupid Is a Prying Journalist

  1. What choices have been made to be “good TV”?

Compared to the essay, the episodes have changed some details to maybe attract more viewers and make the story more relatable and interesting. In the essay, it says that the guy kept repeatedly breaking the woman’s heart but however in the episode, it was the woman who broke the guy’s heart when she slept with another guy, this may have been changed, from the essay, as it is more relatable to viewers – it also creates more drama which most viewers enjoy. Another thing they changed from the essay to the episode was the situation they met in, in the essay it mentioned that they had been in love in college but in the episode, it showed that they had met in an interview in which the guy gave up his interview so he could meet up with the woman or else he would have missed her. This may have been done to emphasize how strong the initial attraction was between them, especially for the guy. It also made the viewers feel more sympathy for the guy when he found out she cheated on him.

2. What would you have done differently? Why?

I would have tried to keep most of the details the exact same as they were in the essay because I feel that a story is best said the way it happened in real life. Yes, some details were changed as they were good marketing strategies to help popularise the episodes, but some of the changes in the story made it lose its true essence, in my opinion.



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