Activity Reflection 8

Over the past month, due to the current situation and being in tbe boarding house, it has been hard to keep my fitness up. I have been unable to play any sports, however I have been able to cycle and run around the campus of school which has a perimeter of 1.01 km. I feel that the current situation of lockdown has made me think outside the box and discover new things about myself. It has also made me realise that you don’t always need a gym to stay fit. I have been able to learn about new passions such as cycling which I haven’t done for almost 5 years but I’m now throughly enjoying it again.

Service Reflection 6

Due to the current situation and the cancellation of all public gathering our service doesn’t have much to do. However during this tough situation we have decided to improve on some aspects of our service such as our portfolio which we have been working on for the past few weeks and this has been pretty successful. As I have the role of logisitics in our service I have been leading the disucssion during these meeting and they have been going quite well as everyone is doing the work they are assigned and we are on course to finish our portfolio work by next week.

Activity Reflection 7 – Squash

Due to the current situation, it has been hard for me to play and practice for squash, all the tournaments have been canceled too which has been a major problem and disappointment for me. I have been keeping up my fitness here in the boarding house by running and cycling around the campus every day and also doing gymming in my room. Squash has played a big part in my life and my growth both physically and mentally. It has helped me learn the true meaning of mental strength and has taught me that being physically fit is one thing but being mentally fit is another thing and is just as important. It has taught me to be humble in both losses and victories and has also brought me to realize that losses are a person’s best learning points and always think about your losses to improve yourself but at the same time move on from them.

Activity 6 – Track and Field

Over the course of the season playing badminton and doing track and field was quite hard to manage with schoolwork due to the many training it had a week but I think it was worth all that time and effort. Both activities taught me a lot of values and made me learn a lot of things about myself. Track and field have helped me improve my communication and collaboration skills especially through the relays as you have to time the passing of the baton to perfection to get the best run and result. It has also pushed me physically and mentally, like when we do fitness tests such as the beep test and it made me dig deep both physically and mentally to win and go furthest in the test. Doing track and field has also made me learn a lot about people I normally don’t talk to and this has improved and created new friendships for me.

Activity Reflection 5 – Badminton

Over the course of the season playing badminton and doing track and field was quite hard to maanage with schoolwork due to the many training it had a week but I think it was worth all that time and effort. Both activities taught me a lot of values and made me learn a lot of things about myself. My teamwork and communication skills have definitely improved over the course of the season playing these sports, from badminton it was through playing doubles – which I am not very fond of but I have started to enjoy it because even though it is less physical than singles it is more mentally exhausting and requires more focus as you have to be aware of where your partner is at all times, it also requires a lot more of strategy.

Activity Reflection 4

Over the past couple of weeks, my schedule has become quite hectic with badminton, squash and track but I thoroughly enjoy all 3 activites. I made it to the A – team in badminton, which I was very pleased with, and we had a match against Dover last week in which we lost but it was really fun to interact and play against our ‘rivals’. All the matches were close but they just edged us out. In track we have been doing intense trainings such as sprinting Intervals and the beep test, all the trainings were quite challenging and they pushed me to the limit but I enjoy being pushed as it is a learning experience. I have been able to manage my busy schedule with studies and hope it continues like this till the end of the year.

Service Reflection 5

Over the past couple weeks we have had new members join our service from grade 9, around 6 of them, and we have lost all 10th grade members of our service due to their upcoming Gcse Final exams. We have been doing ice breakers, such as tug of war or splash/bang, over the last 2 service meets so we can get to know the new members and be able to bond with them. In the last service meet we showed the new members where and how we stored our inventory which consists of glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery and cleaning materials. We taught them how we store it and the amount of times we count them a year, to make sure we haven’t lost any inventory. The new members seem quite interested and excited to be a part of our service and are very keen to learn the main goals and mission statement of our service. I think these new members will come a long way with helping us in events and taking control of the service after we graduate.

Season 3 – Summary of CAS

For season 3 I have chosen to join 2 more activities, Badminton and Track. I thoroughly enjoy both these activities and have fun playing them. I got into the badminton A team which I was very pleased with and the trainings are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The track team trainings are on Monday and Friday. This does make my weekly schedule more busy as I have less time to play squash, which I make up for on the weekend, as well as less time to do homework and study. I am still continuing with OWES service, which is every thursday from 3-4:30.

Activity Reflection 3

Over the past month I have been training quite regurarly, around 3-4 times a weeks. I have been working on my fitness and on getting more matchplay practice. I had been preparing the new season and the upcoming tournaments but most of them have been cancelled due to the virus. I have been chosen to play Grade C squash for the Safra club in the National Squash League which begins mid-april. I am looking forward to that as I will get to play some high quality matches. I hope to be able to train regurarly and avoid any injuries this year

Creativity Reflection 2

Over the past month, I have been working on a couple of different projects in pottery. I have learned new methods and techniques of molding clay and also learned how to use different types of equipment. I feel that pottery has really helped me become more creative and it really is a stress reliever. I enjoyed my time doing pottery but I will not be continuing it and feel like I should pursue something else.

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