TOK objection

PPT 09-15-2020 15.18.51 This are my silver bracelets, for me these bracelets are very special item. They are made by my grandfather, and in my ethnic group, every girl should have a pair. Knoledge  In my ethnic group who is called Gejia people, they are very good at use  silver to make the jewelry. There […]


Does it matter that your personality circumstance influence how seriously your knowledge is taken? I think that the personal circumstance of art influence on the artists’ seriously of their knowledge. As usual, artists want to use their works to express their perspective, this is a subjective perspective, and not be limited by knowledge( maybe it […]

transition statement

Next year, I will enter the formal IB course of grade 11. Through the adaptation period of FIB in this year, I have not only made some progress in my studies but also have full confidence and expectation for the future. Next year, I will enter the formal IB course of grade 11. Through the […]

Personal statement

This is my first-year study in uwc, it was a challenging year, and for me, it was the first time that a person left his hometown for the first time to go to school in a country 16,000 kilometers away from home, the first thing I need to learn is how to overcome loneliness, learn […]

Need to known question

Posted on May 20, 2020 by Driving Question: How does cosmetics affect the environment? What does the commonly used cosmetic package have? What are the specific environmental impacts of cosmetic production? Which SDG target can this problem correspond to? What pollution can the composition of cosmetic cause to the environment? What is the future value […]