About Me

Pranav Harish

Singaporean, 10AMT
Activities and Services

The activities that I have been a part of this year include the Percussion Ensemble as well as the History and Law society. I played in the under 19 tennis A team as well. Over the course of this year, I have been a part of the PCF 858 Kindergarten service, where I have worked with kindergarten students. And the Cerebral Palsy service where I have acted as assistant to the teacher at a Cerebral Palsy institution with children from 4 to 14 years old. The skills I have most developed working with these kids are:

People management (especially to audiences that I am not used to communicating with)

Coordinating with others (coordinating with my service teammates to make lessons for the children fun and run smoothly)

Emotional intelligence (to judge how these kids are feeling based on the lessons we have for them, to realise that there may be sudden changes or loss of attention and to have a plan B at the ready)

Which Harry Potter House I Belong To

I belong to the Ravenclaw house based on the test I took; my personality “shows a high degree of work ethic and friendliness, which are valued among members of Ravenclaw House.”

My Temperament

I am an Empath, a “compassionate idealist who is concerned with meaning, authenticity, and understanding the human experience. As an Empath, your primary focus is people: their needs, ideas, and potential.”

As an Empath, I “lead the way when it comes to advocating for the weak, the poor, and the helpless. More than any other type, Empaths feel the pain of other people and seek to understand how to make the world a better place.”

My “relationships are paramount. You are sensitive and caring with the people who surround you, and you are always ready with a sympathetic ear. Conflict is upsetting to you, but you gain a deep sense of satisfaction from cooperating and connecting with others.”

Other People May Describe Me As…













My Heroes

One of the people I consider as a hero is actor Leonardo DiCaprio; he had to work so hard and go through so many nominations before he could finally get an Oscar award. I consider him a hero because of his perseverance, and how he did not give up and worked even harder with each role he played until he got the recognition I believe that he deserved. I consider him one of my favourite actors, and this is because he enjoys what he does, not because he has to do it and this shows in the way that his movies turn out. 

Another person I would consider to be my hero is probably the tennis player Roger Federer; apart from being the greatest tennis player to ever live, he is one of the most humble people on the planet and does so much for others, even though he has so much. He has been named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has started his own charity foundation to provide sports and education to students. In terms of tennis, he is very gracious in defeat and enjoys what he does, putting on a show for people who watch him. 

My Creative Type

My creative type is the INNOVATOR. I see everything “through the lens of possibilities and progress, problems and solutions. You feel the most yourself when you’re using your intellectual and creative powers to solve problems and dream up new and improved ways of doing things. Your attention is largely focused on the world around you, and you’re constantly probing its structures and systems to find ways to push things forward.”

Change is the fuel for my “creative fire”, while it scary to most other people.

I am a “natural risk-taker, with an insatiable desire to expand boundaries and explore uncharted territories. You’re not one to do things the way they’ve always been done. You thrive when working in service of large-scale change and progress, and your talents equip you well for roles that allow you to experiment and play with ideas.”

INNOVATORS “tap into their greater potential when they learn to master the art of the follow-through. By finding joy in the “messy middle” of a venture—not just the excitement of the beginning or the satisfaction of reaching the finish line—you’ll become a true creative powerhouse.”