Extended Essay Reflection 2


So far, my research has been successful. I have managed to find adequate research for the topic of gender inequality in Disney princess movies. I have come across a couple of psychological studies as well that may aid in supporting my research. I have however, faced some challenges in terms of how to specifically write an English category 3 essay that fulfils all the required criteria. After conversing with my EE supervisor, I have realised that I need to use more appropriate terminology that links my essay with the category. Hence, I have changed my approach towards how I write the extended essay by shifting my focus to the stylistic devices used in the movies. I now have a better understanding of how to write the essay and am working on writing it through the lens of the subject area that I have selected.



I enjoyed the work experience and was able to do it despite being out for most of the summer break due to the flexible schedule. I got to learn a lot about what goes behind the working of a company. Both of my supervisors were always contactable and were very warm and helpful when I had any questions. I got to explore different roles such as being a photographer and writing articles about the different activities available for children and families in Singapore. I also learned a lot about what goes behind a website, what kind of words and pictures attract audiences, and how socially media presence is important for a company.

What I initially found challenging was understanding how exactly to post the articles on the website as well as the technicalities behind taking photos. However, with the advice and aid of my mentors I was able to understand this eventually.