Reflection 2


So far, my research has been successful. I have managed to find adequate research for the topic of gender inequality in Disney princess movies. I have come across a couple of psychological studies as well that may aid in supporting my research. I have however, faced some challenges in terms of how to specifically write an English category 3 essay that fulfils all the required criteria. After conversing with my EE supervisor, I have realised that I need to use more appropriate terminology that links my essay with the category. Hence, I have changed my approach towards how I write the extended essay by shifting my focus to the stylistic devices used in the movies. I am working on writing my essay according to the requirements of my specific category. However, I have a better understanding now of how to write the essay and am working on writing it through the lens of the subject area that I have selected.


EE Day Reflection

One thing I’ve learned:

I have learned how to structure my introduction well as well as what to include while writing it. I also did some more research on the historical context of my topic as well as why it is important to write about the issue I am addressing.


What I’m proud of:

I am happy that I successfully managed to complete most of my introduction. I also got a clearer idea of how to structure the body paragraphs. After speaking to my EE supervisor I was able to understand the key things to include in the different parts of my essay.


What I’ll be doing next:

I will be completing my introduction and then do some more research about the language used as well as other features that propagate gender stereotypes in Disney films. I will then move on to doing my body paragraphs.


#EE Day

Extended Essay Reflection 1

The topic that I have chosen to explore for my EE is the portrayal of gender stereotypes in Disney animated movies, and how this has evolved over the years. After conducting some initial research and analysing it, I realised that animated Disney movies can be segregated into three distinct phases based on their time period of production. I have selected some movies to focus on within each of these periods and am currently working on analysing them. The biggest problem I faced so far was identifying which movies I wanted to focus on. However, once I analysed my research more thoroughly, I found that there were some movies that were more relevant to my topic than others. I find this topic extremely interesting and am very passionate about gender equality. Hence, I have been enjoying the process of conducting research for my extended essay. I look forward to further developing my ideas.