Somewhere along the process of meeting school deadlines and starting to fill in university applications, the sense of finality that came along with the last stretch of my high school journey was thrust upon me. I recognised the importance of this event that reverberated with the sentiment of unity within the school, while still celebrating diversity. I participated in the event as part of the German dance. It was a novel and thrilling experience for me. I worked on learning outcome 2 as I have never participated in a dance performance before and found it challenging yet exciting. 


I enjoyed the work experience and was able to do it despite being out for most of the summer break due to the flexible schedule. I got to learn a lot about what goes behind the working of a company. Both of my supervisors were always contactable and were very warm and helpful when I had any questions. I got to explore different roles such as being a photographer and writing articles about the different activities available for children and families in Singapore. I also learned a lot about what goes behind a website, what kind of words and pictures attract audiences, and how socially media presence is important for a company.

What I initially found challenging was understanding how exactly to post the articles on the website as well as the technicalities behind taking photos. However, with the advice and aid of my mentors I was able to understand this eventually.

three things that Akanksha’s posts taught me

Scrolling through Akanksha’s posts, my brain caught hold of more information than my eyes expected. I learned that documenting and posting what you have done over the years can be helpful for you as well as informative to other readers. Being a novice in the field of psychology, reading Akanksha’s post on behavioural psychology gave me a clearer idea on one of the aspects of psychology and broadened my knowledge on the subject. She also granted me to take a glimpse of her life at UWCSEA. I learned of a plethora of events and opportunities that are available here and am even more excited to become a part of this institution. Having a lack of experience in posting articles, these posts also taught me a little about the format and the content of a post. In summary, her posts were helpful to me and I learned a lot of useful information.