Inkling Literary Magasine

I enjoyed being a part of this activity. I have worked on learning outcome 1 as being a part of this magazine has helped me improve my writing skills through exploring different forms of writing such as poetry and prose. In the first week, we read an interesting poem and had a long discussion on the various stylistic features of the poem and how they work together to bring out meaning, that can vary for different readers. This helped me understand some aspects of poetry that I can include in my own pieces of writing, and was hence very informative.


I find this activity very enjoyable. I have learned how to use the application ‘procreate’ and make interesting creative art pieces on it. I think I am working on learning outcome 1 as this is a new skill that I am trying to hone. I have done art before but never digital art and I think this will be a useful skill even outside of school.


I did the pre-season netball activity. It was the first time that I had tried my hand at this sport and I found that it was very different from. any activity I’ve done before. I found it exciting as well as helpful as I have played very few team building sports. It thus contributed to building the spirit of teamwork in me. I think I worked on learning outcome 1 as I recognised the importance of building my team working skills. I learned that I had areas of growth as well as had some skills previously as I had played basketball before which is a similar sport.

Yoga Activity

I have signed up for the yoga with meditation activity. I have been finding it very useful as I have done yoga for a while and use it as a stress buster as well as a means of sharpening my focus so that I can work efficiently. I have found both the asana practice, as well as the meditation very helpful. The asana practice helps my body while the meditation helps my mind thus it is an activity that gives me a holistic sense of well-being. During this activity I have worked on learning outcome 1. I have identified that I am able to do some asanas well while I find others hard which is a sign about which parts of my body I need to work on and make more flexible