Somewhere along the process of meeting school deadlines and starting to fill in university applications, the sense of finality that came along with the last stretch of my high school journey was thrust upon me. I recognised the importance of this event that reverberated with the sentiment of unity within the school, while still celebrating diversity. I participated in the event as part of the German dance. It was a novel and thrilling experience for me. I worked on learning outcome 2 as I have never participated in a dance performance before and found it challenging yet exciting. 


The Digital Arts Club has been very beneficial for me so far. I think I have worked on learning outcome 2 during the course of this club, as I have faced some challenges using new technology. I have however, found it very helpful as I enjoy drawing as well as photography and see this as a sort of mid point between the two. I am currently doing an internship and hope to use my newly acquired skills of digital arts to help me as well as the company I am interning with.


I found project week very enjoyable and an extremely enriching experience. I worked with Free the Bears in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our activities included cleaning bear enclosures, preparing food and enrichment items, and painting cages. These are activities that I haven’t done before and I hence worked on learning outcome 2 as it was a challenging yet informative experience. I learned several things about sun bears and moon bears that I was not aware of prior to the trip. We also got to see several other animals. The highlight of the trip for me was throwing the enrichment items into the bear enclosures and watching them play with them and try to lick the food in the toys. I found it very fulfilling to see that our hard work was paying off.

I worked on learning outcome 6 as well because ill treatment of animals is an issue of global significance which our service providers are sincerely trying to tackle.




I have learned a lot of interesting tricks on how to create beautiful drawings on the application ‘procreate’. It has been a very interesting learning experience for me as I have never explored digital arts before. I enjoy the experience thoroughly. One challenge that I have faced is in using the application as I am not very experienced with these sort of applications and was hence a little slower than the others at picking up some of the work at times. However, as the year progressed, I got better at it. I hence think that I worked on learning outcome 2 and learned a new skill while doing this activity. Over all, I found it very fruitful.



I have been thoroughly enjoying the yoga activity. We have recently tried several new poses such as the head stand and some back bends. I think I worked on learning outcome 2 as these poses were new to me and I found them challenging yet rewarding.

Some things that I have found difficult during this course are the inversions, however, I think I am improving at these as well. I thoroughly enjoy all the different exercises we do including the abdominal exercises and the breathing exercises. I have been doing yoga for a long period of time now and hope to continue it even in the following school year.


I have taken photography as my creative activity for CAS. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have already learned a lot more about how to adjust settings on a camera to make a photo look pleasing. I have also learned about the importance of sunlight in photography and making sure I take the sun’s relative position to me into account. I am really enjoying class and am looking forward for class today! I think this experience highlighted learning outcome 2 as it was a novel experience for me. I learned new skills related to photography that I find very useful even outside of school.



This Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit one of the sun dac centres. Visiting Sun dac, which works adults with mental disabilities, was an eyeopening and poignant experience for me. I also got some clarity on how to go about planning activities for these people. We met some of the members of this organisation and discussed what to keep in mind while planning activities. We also got to meet some of the adults who are under the care of this centre during the day. I realised that they have a wide range of disabilities. Some were able to speak better than others, some were able to comprehend us more than others etc. I am eagerly looking forward to working with these people. The learning outcome that I think I worked on is learning outcome 2. This is because designing activities that are suitable for our service partners is a new and unfamiliar experience for me. I also focused on learning outcome 3 by helping with planning activities for our service partners.