Service this year has been a really eyeopening and poignant experience. I think I worked on learning outcome 3 during this experience as I got to lead and plan the service activities with two other students every three weeks. I found it challenging at first to come up with ideas of activities that would be suitable for all our clients as they had varying abilities and hence sometimes it would so happen that one or two of the clients found some activities difficult. However, over a period of time, as we got to know our clients better, we were better able to understand what they enjoyed and were able to do, and planned activities accordingly. I think another challenge was trying to change up the activities after a period of time to ensure that the clients were engaged.

However, I think we managed to eventually understand what would be most beneficial to our clients and managed to do a variety of activities with them. The highlight of the year for me was the Colour (Y)our World event that our service partners organised. I volunteered at this event and helped serve food to the people that attended the event.



This Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit one of the sun dac centres. Visiting Sun dac, which works adults with mental disabilities, was an eyeopening and poignant experience for me. I also got some clarity on how to go about planning activities for these people. We met some of the members of this organisation and discussed what to keep in mind while planning activities. We also got to meet some of the adults who are under the care of this centre during the day. I realised that they have a wide range of disabilities. Some were able to speak better than others, some were able to comprehend us more than others etc. I am eagerly looking forward to working with these people. The learning outcome that I think I worked on is learning outcome 2. This is because designing activities that are suitable for our service partners is a new and unfamiliar experience for me. I also focused on learning outcome 3 by helping with planning activities for our service partners.