Psychology Society

Due to my immense interest in the field of psychology, I decided to participate in the psychology society. From the beginning of the season, I think I have worked a lot on learning outcome 7, as in the field of psychology, several ethical considerations need to be taken before something regarding mental health is published or even discussed. As I am part of a team that writes and publishes articles regarding mental health, we need to ensure that what we write will not offend or have an adverse impact on anyone, as that defeats the purpose. Hence we make sure to go over our material several times and cross check with our psychology teachers who run the activity.


This year, I chose to be a part of the Global Concern- Tabitha. This GC has the mission of empowering the underprivileged in Cambodia to improve their situation through savings and other programmes. It also helps through housebuilding and monetary donations. I hope to visit Tabitha and help with the housebuilding sometime. I think I focused on learning outcome 7 through this GC as working with a service taught me about the ethics behind the fundraising events we can organise, what we can sell, and many other things.


I have learned a lot during the MUN classes. This is my first time doing this activity and so far I have understood the procedural rules. I hope to go for an inter-school MUN soon. I find this activity exciting and very relevant in today’s world. During this activity I worked on learning outcome 7 as it was essential for me to be sensitive to other countries and their perceptions during a conference.