This year, I chose to be a part of the Global Concern- Tabitha. This GC has the mission of empowering the underprivileged in Cambodia to improve their situation through savings and other programmes. It also helps through housebuilding and monetary donations. I hope to visit Tabitha and help with the housebuilding sometime. I think I focused on learning outcome 7 through this GC as working with a service taught me about the ethics behind the fundraising events we can organise, what we can sell, and many other things.


I have learned a lot during the MUN classes. This is my first time doing this activity and so far I have understood the procedural rules. I hope to go for an inter-school MUN soon. I find this activity exciting and very relevant in today’s world. During this activity I worked on learning outcome 7 as it was essential for me to be sensitive to other countries and their perceptions during a conference.