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Unplugged – IMPACT

I’ve done so many music intensive programmes over the past 4 months of school than I probably have EVER done in my whole life, but those hours of practicing pieces and ridiculous, last-minute changes aren’t going to stop me. This year for Unplugged, I was asked to do a piece with a classmate of mine…

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CultuRama, the gong show (but not really)

This years CultuRama was a mess. It was the first ever CultuRama with live music, and from a musician’s point of view, it was as hectic as it was challenging. Trying to coordinate the live music with the dancers and figuring out the best tempo for each dance was difficult, especially for the finale with…

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Where Am I At Now?

Plain Sailing   Photo by Ludomił on Unsplash I’m a sailor, I suppose it’s no surprise that I’d pick this photo. I also thought that this photo best describes how I’m developing through the CAS journey so far. In sailing, there are many things to think about: wind direction, speed, strength, wave height, rope trimming, boat balance, downhaul,…

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18 Behavioural Traits

There are 18 emotional/behavioural traits that correlate strongly with one’s EQ. I think that I identify with some of these traits, and that a few can be seen as my strengths. Examples of this would be ‘appreciating what I have’, ‘get enough sleep’, ‘knowing how to say no’, and being ‘curious about people’. I like…

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CAS – Challenges So Far

CAS has just started for me, and quite honestly I’m finding it quite okay. The only new thing for CAS is involving myself in school productions, like Culturama. I have never been part of a school production, and getting a chance to be a part of one terrifies me a little. I’m being part of…

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Boomies! ’19-20

I started Boomerang Bags back in 2017 in grade 9. Granted, I had a bit of an issue with my service choices at first, then I joined Boomerang Bags, as per my friends’ requests. After joining it, I realised that I could not have picked a better service. Boomerang Bags closely aligned with my moral…

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Dragons Sailing Team – The Beginning

Last Saturday, I tried out for the Dragons Sailing Team for the second year in a row. I had already been a part of the team for a year, and this was my second year trying out. Having already been part of the team, I was already aware of the team dynamics and the way…

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Wilde Victorian Characters – Are They the Real Deal?

Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” is written with much humour intwined in the works as possible. It was written in the Victorian times, and Wilde wanted to find ways to subtly poke fun at their strict society. My favourite line from Act 1, said by Algernon is: “The only way to behave to…

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