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HL Essay Feedback, feed the back, the spine, food the spine, the chord, cord, goodnight

Things to work on!!!

  1. incorporate course concepts into your line of enquiry! Representation, communication transformation, perspective, culture, identity and creativity
  2. make sure that your question is referenced in your essay, and that you mention the writer too!
  3. don’t retell the story – assume that the examiner knows what you’re talking about!
  4. be concise with what you’re saying, be thorough, have balance and precision. This helps with the word count too!
  5. be selective, choose an extract/certain amount of lines (in poem/play)
  6. format your quotations properly!!! Embed them, keep them less than a line long!
  7. use reputable and relevant sources, especially literary ones (no wikipedia!!!!! That stuff is dodgy, but maybe check out their cited sources)
  8. work on secondary reading – expand on it and challenge it!! Let the experts speak for you, and reference that and draw connections from it in your essay

Feedback from the marked hamĀ (please don’t kill me ily xoxo)

  1. be selective about what you include (I know sorry!! I didn’t realise I had to focus on a certain part of the poem oops, I’m not very good at this HL essay stuff)
  2. engage with/challenge/expand on the secondary reading, be a critical reader of it! (yes ma’am, I shall, this was very poorly written too I apologise, I’ll try again!)
  3. refer a little more to secondary reading too (like fairytales, do some research on it too!)
  4. don’t review Duffy (the poet), assume that everything she does is clever (hehehe ok I shall)
  5. critique quotes and secondary info more often (unpack a little more)
  6. don’t start to list things, try to connect it with the question a little more
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