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Lady Macbeth

“Lady Macbeths criminal mind and desire for ruthlessness have led many a critic to define her as evil. Closer examination, however, reveals that she is a multifaceted character” How far do You agree with the statement. You must include evidence from the play, personal and insightful interpretation and reference to social historical context.

There are many evidence that supports this claim. In act 1, scene 5, she states “Come you spirits that tend…cruelty” shows her evil side of her as she is calling on all things dark to help her desire of becoming queen which gives her power.  “How tender ’tis to…have done to this” in act 1, scene 7 shows us her unkind thoughts and how vicious she is. That she would sacrifice her own child, her own flesh and blood, to get what she wants. This is rather a cruel act as most mothers would never let any harm come to their baby. In act 2 scene 2 she says “Had he not…done’t” tells us that she will not do this deed as the king looks like her father who she must had adored for she would not dare do it.  “tis safer…doubtful joy” in act 3 scene 2 highlights the fact that Lady Macbeth now understands that killing the king does not only give them power but also the unhappiness of what their actions had brought them.

Based on all of the evidence, I do agree that she has many sides. She starts off as this determined cruel person who will destroy anything and everything in her path to getting what she wants. But as the play continues, we start to see that she is cracking and feeling unhappy of what they had done. She wears a mask in front of the people she talks to but when she is on her own, she removes the mask and we are able to see how badly it had affected her.

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Personal statement

Being in Singapore and going to both a local and international school had taught me a lot. In a local school, i learnt a lot about the Singaporean way of life and the experience of growing up with them. I represented both my primary and secondary school netball team and was vice captain in my primary school.  In an international school, it allowed me to work together with people from different backgrounds all under one roof. In comparison to local school, international school allowed me to choose more than one activity. My goal in this school was to join new activities.

I am more of an outdoor person and prefer to be out of the room than cooped inside. In the local school, I played netball for 8 years and did ballet all the way to the 8th grade. Outside school, I sail with my parents on our trimaran every week. But doing the same activity over and over again gets a bit boring. Therefore I would like to join new activities.

Every season, there will be new activities to sign up to. With each passing season, new activities were available. I made sure that each season I would at least try to join one new activity if i was free during their training dates. With every new sport I tried out, I found out what type of sports I enjoyed more than the others. Activities gave me an opportunity to go out, get physical and try something new instead of just sitting at home and becoming a coach potato.

Overall, I love learning new sports even though if I am not good at it, it is still fun to try out. Especially with my friends. However I am rather hesitant when joining a sport if my friends are not there. So in the upcoming years, I hope to be able to be more confident when trying out something to do rather than just persuading my friends to join with me.

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My best friend

Best Friend

I want you to think about your best friend in your head. Do you feel the smile creeping onto your face? The feeling of happiness feeling of happiness you have. The amount of times that you both scream, cry, do stupid things. You got that warm fuzzy feeling don’t you. Okay now i want you to think of a world without them. You can’t really imagine it can you. The blank spaces in your life, wondering where they have gone. Well, that’s my life. You must be wondering, did you guys have a disagreement? Or that he or/ she has moved to another country? That would seem so much easier and better. But it’s not.


My best friend is dead.


That’s the truth. She is gone from my life. Not the faking death to scare you then you guys have a laugh over ice cream. But the type of death that you go to a funeral wearing all black. Looking down at your coffin where you lay. Flowers littered around your grave. Everyone’s face is neutral but if you look closer into their eyes, you can see how they patched up the glass carefully. Trying not to break it.

The Truth

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It was the June holidays and I was in Australia with my family. We just went into a coffee shop for lunch and as usual I connected my phone to the internet, waiting for all the messages to be loaded. When all the vibrations stopped, I looked at my phone. I expected to get messages like “hows Australia” or “hey how has your holidays been”. But what i got was the unexpected. Most of the messages were about our seniors, Primary 6s who went on an expedition to Mount Kinabalu. Confused i continued reading, the words “earthquake”, “injure” and “deaths” popped up the most.


I went to search online not believing that it is true. However it was. I was devastated. On of my best friends, Emilie was there. I started to panic. Tears formed in my eyes. I turned to my parents and told them as soon as my tears ran down my cheeks.


2 days afterwards, it was announced on the news. Sabah quake: Timeline of tragedy for Singapore students caught in deadly Mount Kinabalu landslide” the straits times reported.


7 students, 2 teachers and a guide passed away. All from my school, Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS) except the guide.


I was still in Australia when i heard from my friends that the news reporters swarmed around tkps, wanting to get a hand on anyone who was in tkps to interview them. I felt very annoyed for we have just been through so much and they want to ask everyone about their experience. I wish they could just leave us alone. Every child or adult had red blotchy cheeks from crying. Most of kids who passed were only 11 or 12 years old. They had so much life in their eyes. So much more to do in their lives. It was their last year at tkps and they never had a chance in graduating. Their lives were cut way too short. Nobody expected them to leave so suddenly.

None of them even had a proper goodbye. Or telling them how much they have been loved. The feeling of regret not telling them how much you love them when they were alive.


When school started, everyone was uneasy about what had happened. It was all a bit of a haze. We were all in our hall when our principal addressed us. Many of us older kids cried for we were close to them while the younger ones were not sure of how to address the situation. Above us in the gallery was a reporter who was videoing us. I had tears dripping down my cheeks and wept quietly. In honour of the students who survived and passed, the TK brave hearts, all of the school and Singapore flags around the country was raised at half mast to pay our respects.


It’s going to be the 4th year since the incident had occur in June. I doesn’t cry anymore. I will still mourn for them and wear black but it doesn’t affect me as much as it used to be. I thinks about the memories I had with her and how it impacted me. To be a better person and to appreciate everyone in life. No matter how much they annoy you or make you mad. They will be forever missed but never forgotten.  




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Fostering Children: when it doesn’t work

When I went to the talk, I never realised how difficult fostering kids really were till he told his story. I thought that it was just about a child who was supported or aided by people but it is actually so much more. Having to deal with the child’s difficulties for 2 days may seem alright. But when they ask you to look after him/her for a week, months, you start to think if you can handle it. When he told me the fact when it was the child’s birthday and he wasn’t sure if he could keep the presents for he never had anything that belonged to him, that broke my heart. I felt so sad for him as he has nothing. No toys. Just a few clothes. I feel really sad. I can just imagine his face looking confused and uncertain of whether he can take it. Sadly they could not look after him for much longer and had to leave him after 11 months. As the boy had a big impact on their lives they went to meet up with him before he joined the army but sadly lost in contact with him. I found this such a touching story and this talk left many of us with tears in our eyes.

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Cancer survivor: overcoming the odds

My first impression before entering the room was that she survived cancer and thats it. But after hearing the story, you just realise how important life is and how its not as simple as eating or drinking medicine then you are cured. Its so much more. the feeling of not knowing whether you are going to survive if it doesn’t work. To see the worried look of your loved ones. However in this story she managed to pull through, travel the world and even meet her husband. This is one of the odds she overcame. When that wasn’t the only problem, I was curious of what she was going to say next. She wanted to start her own family but kept having miscarriages. The last time she tried it, she had a healthy baby but as the baby grew there was a slight problem. That was when she was in her darkest stages of her life. If it weren’t for the amazing people in her life, things would have ended differently. In the end there was nothing wrong with the baby. It was just a shadow in the scan. Listening to her story made me realise how emotionally and physically challenging her experience had been. I think the fact that we need to support each other in their tough periods is the key take away of her speech.

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Outdoor activities saved me

Loving sports, I was actually keen on listening to this talk. I can kind of relate to this but it wasn’t outdoor sports it was just netball. As I was in local school, from primary to secondary we had this thing called DSA (direct school admission). If you are good in a after school activity, the secondary school will lower the marks down for you to enter the school. I wasn’t academically bright so I did the DSA and I got into the school for I was rather decent. My school was one of the top 50 in Singapore. I felt really proud of myself and thankful for being gifted in sports. Now that the talk is over, I feel that its okay to not be academically smart. We are all different in our own ways and its okay. It doesn’t mean that you are any dumber then them. You are just stronger in another way, activities. I felt that that was the key take away of the talk.


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54 nepali kids saved

When I first entered the talk, I was wondering why it was such a big deal for them to be saved. while sitting through the talk, i felt sad for them for they have given up everything to go study in USA. Imagine what it feels like getting a full scholarship and then telling them that it was actually a false alarm. You feel terrible and that the world had turned against you. These people sacrificed a lot, hoping to get better education but end up not getting it. I feel that this has made me realise how many kids are not as fortunate as us. Every child should be given the right to get good education. For me, the take away is to be fortunate for what we have. Its difficult to get into UWC and its a good school. Your parents want the best education for you. So I feel that we use our free time to do as many activities as possible. They paid an arm and a leg. Use their money wisely. The Nepali kids would love to be where we are. We shouldn’t take school or anything for granted.

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my language world

The main part of my language world is about me- what language I speak, my culture, my voice and etc. Being brought up in Singapore and in a local school is completely different from life back in England. Singapore is a well- known city and also a safe place where I can be free. In a local school, it is definitely more demanding and harder than my cousins school. I guess this affects my accent and paralanguage [body language]. It shows how Singapore and the local system have a big impacts and influence on my life and I wanted to compare it to a a place where I frequently visit and kind of grew up in.

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What are my strengths?

I guess that my strengths are sleeping, being happy, being cheerful and sporty. With good sleep, I have enough energy in school and it makes me feel energetic and happy. With enough energy, I feel like I’m in a good mood and very cheerful. When it come to PE or any other from of activities, I think that I’m sporty and competitive. I would always want to win (who doesn’t) but I would make sure that everyone at least had a turn in trying it out.

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Goals for Grade 9

1) To get out of my comfort zone

-to be more confident and ask questions during lessons

2) Get more organised

-when studying or doing my homework, I’m going to make sure that I have all my materials.

-know where I place all my stuff in general

3) Take the time to show my appreciation to other people

– you won’t know how long you have with someone so you should spend it with them and be kind to them so you wont regret it if the worse case scenario happens.