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Lady Macbeth

“Lady Macbeths criminal mind and desire for ruthlessness have led many a critic to define her as evil. Closer examination, however, reveals that she is a multifaceted character” How far do You agree with the statement. You must include evidence from the play, personal and insightful interpretation and reference to social historical context.

There are many evidence that supports this claim. In act 1, scene 5, she states “Come you spirits that tend…cruelty” shows her evil side of her as she is calling on all things dark to help her desire of becoming queen which gives her power.  “How tender ’tis to…have done to this” in act 1, scene 7 shows us her unkind thoughts and how vicious she is. That she would sacrifice her own child, her own flesh and blood, to get what she wants. This is rather a cruel act as most mothers would never let any harm come to their baby. In act 2 scene 2 she says “Had he not…done’t” tells us that she will not do this deed as the king looks like her father who she must had adored for she would not dare do it.  “tis safer…doubtful joy” in act 3 scene 2 highlights the fact that Lady Macbeth now understands that killing the king does not only give them power but also the unhappiness of what their actions had brought them.

Based on all of the evidence, I do agree that she has many sides. She starts off as this determined cruel person who will destroy anything and everything in her path to getting what she wants. But as the play continues, we start to see that she is cracking and feeling unhappy of what they had done. She wears a mask in front of the people she talks to but when she is on her own, she removes the mask and we are able to see how badly it had affected her.

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