Emotional Intelligence Goal Setting

Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

Characteristics I Admire and Dislike

Admire Dislike
  • Casual and easygoing
  • Dependable
  • Giving
  • Able to talk to everyone
  • Keep long term relationships
  • Takes Initiative
  • Organised
  • Well rounded
  • Outgoing
  • Strong and not easily offended
  • Disloyal
  • Immature
  • Overly dependant / easily attached
  • Materialistic
  • Hypocrite
  • Unable to open up
  • Overly Sensitive
Skill I want to develop and why Skill I want to avoid and why
  • Thinking before I speak as sometimes I dont realise that things I say might impact or offend others
  • Beginning to acknowledge the other person’s perspective within an argument
  • My organisation skills have always been sub-par, therefore this year it is my focus point
  • Being too invested in others lives and gossip as it distracts myself from my own goals and deadlines

Wednesday 5 September

This year, I would like to especially develop two qualities in particular: being organised, and being able to disconnect and spend time to myself. As I enter a new phase in my academic life, it becomes increasingly more important to make sure I am constantly up to date, and not falling behind on small or large projects. Often times little tasks would build up, eventually toppling over on me, leaving me in a panicked and chaotic state. My organisation skills have never been the greatest and there have been copious amounts of times where I found myself up in the early morning hours vigorously studying or finishing an essay. This cycle is incredibly unhealthy and depleted my well being rather quickly, therefore this year, having organisation as the centre of my goal will hopefully help me develop a routine, and will reduce stress and improve my overall mental health. Developing my ability to disconnect from electronics, friends and other distraction will further relax me especially in the peak moments of stress. This time will help me recharge and allow me to perform better as I will not be as worn out. In previous years I would easily let stress overcome my emotions, often lashing out at family and friends. I hope as I focus on bettering my organisation skills and other qualities, I will eradicate my irrational outbursts and become a more level headed and calm individual.

I have already made small steps to improving my organisation skills by asking for support from my Mom (who is an avid planner) and investing in a personal planner so I can keep track of upcoming events conveniently.




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