Activity – Initiative for Peace

IFP: Beginning of Grade 11

With every member’s identity poster sprawled across the floor, we spent one whole session simply reading them. It was an incredible hour and a half as I was amazed by the stories, memories and characters this relatively small group held. It was incredibly eye opening as it showed me how easily I had overlooked the sheer uniqueness of each individual, and how I had began to stop trying to make new friends, and meet new people as I’d grown comfortable in my bubble of familiarity and safety. It is incredibly easy for one to drown under the rigorous IB workload and the noise and bustle of such large school. Even though I’ve only attended IFP for a few sessions, I believe the value in it is already greatly evident. (LO4) IFP requires quite a lot of commitment, as its scheduled at 4:30-6 on a tuesday afternoon, it’s often easy to fall into the habit of skipping sessions in order to complete the mounds of work we receive. (LO2) And though I found it extremely challenging to be transparent and open when discussing issues of personal conflict and struggle, the outcome is much more rewarding once I did, as I’d often find commonalities with others which in turn made the experience of sharing a vulnerable aspect of oneself much easier.


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