Creativity: Culturama 2018

This was my first year participating in Culturama and it was an incredibly rewarding and exhilarating experience. (LO1) I knew I wasn’t the most coordinated dancer, but felt if I practiced long enough I would be able to pull off the audition. (LO2) When it came down to the dress rehearsals leading up to the performance date, the pressure to eradicate mistakes grew larger. During our first dress rehearsal I had forgotten a bit of the dance and had also shown up late, coming from a volleyball game and having to perform in my jersey. When on stage, I felt a constant stream of anxiety of messing up, the dance required precise synchronization therefore even the smallest mistakes were prominently seen. Initially I would laugh as part of me felt embarrassed and stupid, then to be told my laughing was unprofessional and obvious. Being in this highly tense dancing environment was a new climate to me, and took me a while to understand the importance of focus and the idea that the frustrations the choreographer were experiencing was not directed at me and my character, but my focus and synchronisation, which were skills I could easily improve on. (LO5) The final shows were smooth and incredibly fun as once I understood the dance more, I was able to relax and enjoy the moment.