Project week Reflection

#LO1 Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

Naturally I find myself to often take on a leadership position, therefore during our planning process I took upon the general management role, and did the first aid course. The first aid course was arduous but I found it incredibly useful and made me a more aware traveller and group leader. I found that I become more of a mother figure during the trip, and found that my tendencies to try and control my surroundings are very strong when I travel.

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Final Planning Document 

This history and culture tour of Intramuros was my highlight of the trip. Initially I had low expectations but I was immediately blown away with how much historical significance and value this small section of manila had. It was an incredibly fun yet eye opening tour as our guide (Manny) highlighted both the gruesome stories that emerged in this area, but also stories of empowerment and strength.

Our Aerial Yoga Session was a new experience for all of us and was physically demanding, especially after a long car ride the day before.

Activity: IFP – Planning Process



I am a Project Manager. Connecting with Participants – all like minded, hard working individuals (5)


(4) Weekend sessions – 8:30-4:30, Afterschool long sesh 4:30-8

(6) Lots of consequences and areas to go wrong. Cultures with existing conflict coming together. Potential turmoil to arise, we must educate, mediate and support those attending the conference. Many diff. ethnic groups. Responsibility of producing a high quality conference, lots of pressure. A very new experience in managing and Facilitating.



Conflict Transformation Sessions :


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Activity: Softball (Pre-Season and Season)

#LO4 #LO2 Softball was extremely challenging this year as I had to take on a new position: pitching. It required me to learn foreign skills from scratch in a very short amount of time. Although it was initially mundane, I knew the repetition was key in building a good pitching foundation. During pre-season I had felt that although I was putting in a lot of time and effort, I was seeing little improvements in game results. Of course this was extremely frustrating, but through perseverance and confidence in my play, I could see clear improvements by the end of the season.

Throughout the season I have grown increasingly comfortable with the girls on the team, and often relied on my team members to cheer me up when I was feeling particularly down about how I was playing. Spirit and cheer is such a key component to many team sports – including softball – and over the years I have recognized that apart from performing well, putting in the effort to lift the spirit of the team is a responsibility of any team member. Lastly, this season also taught me that winning doesn’t always mean we are entitled to celebrate: we must win with grace.

I’m very excited for my last and fourth year of softball next year!


Creativity: Kahaani 2019

Kahaani was an extremely fulfilling and memorable experience that challenged me far beyond my usual level of comfort. The dance itself was incredibly fast paced and complicated, hence why it required so many weekend and afterschool training sessions. (LO4) It was also a dance with little people I actually knew, but after the first few awkward sessions it was nice to expand my circle and interact with those I had never talked to before. The fact that funds made through ticket sales would be donated to the Kolkata GC was another incentive as to joining a dance. This activity was both fun and rewarding.

Reflective Statement 1

Although initially I was unsure of what topic to choose, after brainstorming my interests I decided to focus on the novel, The Poisonwood Bible. This choice was stemmed from my interest in Colonialism – which I had previously learnt about in my history class – therefore I believed it was a topic that would sustain my engagement and enjoyment throughout the EE process. My first obstacle was to carefully read through the book as I had realised little progress or further decision making could commence since my understanding of the novel was quite little. I am interested in possibly comparing the novels The Poisonwood Bible and The Heart of Darkness and analysing the contrasting perspectives and themes they present. My supervisor suggested I read some external sources of postcolonial literary theory and feminist literary theory to become comfortable with the specific jargon used, advance my vocabulary and anchor my thinking.