Activity: Softball (Pre-Season and Season)

#LO4 #LO2 Softball was extremely challenging this year as I had to take on a new position: pitching. It required me to learn foreign skills from scratch in a very short amount of time. Although it was initially mundane, I knew the repetition was key in building a good pitching foundation. During pre-season I had felt that although I was putting in a lot of time and effort, I was seeing little improvements in game results. Of course this was extremely frustrating, but through perseverance and confidence in my play, I could see clear improvements by the end of the season.

Throughout the season I have grown increasingly comfortable with the girls on the team, and often relied on my team members to cheer me up when I was feeling particularly down about how I was playing. Spirit and cheer is such a key component to many team sports – including softball – and over the years I have recognized that apart from performing well, putting in the effort to lift the spirit of the team is a responsibility of any team member. Lastly, this season also taught me that winning doesn’t always mean we are entitled to celebrate: we must win with grace.

I’m very excited for my last and fourth year of softball next year!


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