Project week Reflection

#LO1 Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

Naturally I find myself to often take on a leadership position, therefore during our planning process I took upon the general management role, and did the first aid course. The first aid course was arduous but I found it incredibly useful and made me a more aware traveller and group leader. I found that I become more of a mother figure during the trip, and found that my tendencies to try and control my surroundings are very strong when I travel.

#LO5 Video Reflection 

#LO6 Video Reflection 

#LO7 Video Reflection 

brainstorming initial ideas doc 

Final Planning Document 

This history and culture tour of Intramuros was my highlight of the trip. Initially I had low expectations but I was immediately blown away with how much historical significance and value this small section of manila had. It was an incredibly fun yet eye opening tour as our guide (Manny) highlighted both the gruesome stories that emerged in this area, but also stories of empowerment and strength.

Our Aerial Yoga Session was a new experience for all of us and was physically demanding, especially after a long car ride the day before.

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