First Reflection, Behind the Beautiful Forevers – A Theatre Production

Audition Process : The thought of auditioning made me extremely nervous, and reminded me of last years auditions when I wasn’t able to make the cut. I decided to audition very last minute even though I was still unsure and uncertain of my abilities. Underneath the general nervousness, I felt quite felt generally insecure of my acting capabilities in comparison to the rest of those that were auditioning. At the end of last year, I was also very busy and overwhelmed with all the work and external tasks I had to handle. Nonetheless I did audition, and ultimately, I am so glad I did.

The first few weeks of the production process consisted of very hectic and creative brainstorming sessions. We immersed ourselves into the books context, researching daily life in the “annawadi” slums, the culture and the beliefs that brought the communities there to life. Along with constructing the facades of our own set, we also focused on little details (kids playing cricket, ladies fetching water) to create add depth and reality into our performance.