Pre Internship: Reflection 1 

Preparing for this Internship, I had to curate a portfolio made up of my artworks and designs. These works were either done in my Fine Arts or Design Technology Class or work I created in my free time. 

My main goal is to better understand the working life of an architect. The field of architecture is constantly evolving, and is currently predominantly molded by the advancements of design technology: a model that would once take days to perfectly sketch up now can be done in under hours using Computer Aided Design (CAD), laser cutting and other advanced software. Therefore the working space and lifestyle of an architect is also said to be more fluid then most jobs. 

The company I will be interning at is based in Sydney Australia, and is a small architectural firm curating projects on residential housing, larger residential complexes and communal buildings. Moreover they also do commision of graphic design, interior design etc. hence this experience will give me a taste of working in multiple fields of design. I’m hoping this experience will help me gain a more concrete understanding of what field I wish to pursue (albeit Architecture, Urban Landscaping or Industrial Design.)

My first assigned project: The client + its business: Innovation Driven Enterprises in Asia for Sustainability: IDE(A)S – an incubator to help people develop their inventions into viable propositions to bring to market. Point of differentiation from other government, semi/quasi-public and private sector entities will be its particular focus on people and companies which have a quantifiable and largely technology driven/enabled and environmentally sustainable angle. In essence, a technical/technological proposition which has both invention and innovation to propel it. The client will approach government for support as it also looks to raise seed funding privately. The client aims to bring together the inventors/creators, financial investors/backers and manufacturers and provide the necessary expertise in management and administration to manifest ideas into profitable realities. IDE(A)S will only exist with government support in some financial form and it will be headquartered in Singapore. Its business reach is intended to be regional if not global. Supersoma will also be invited to tender for the design of its first office/workshop/laboratory which will be situated in Singapore.

My 1st Challenge: Create a logo for IDE(A)S

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