Intra Internship: Reflection 2

End of Week 1:

Here I talk about my first Project: The process of designing the logo.

I was briefed on my 2nd project:  Designing a compact (100m2) “group training” gym interior for a client, James Zhao/MANA Training Gym (James is an Australian presently Beijing-based). This gym will be a working prototype and our design will be refined as we work towards James’s goal to have 6 of these in selected locations in Beijing.

Starting to design the floorplan for the tight fitted crossfit gym, I took the existing scale model from the old site, cut up the equipment and began arranging it on paper as a beginning exercise.  I had to consider reach, range of motion for those exercising, obstruction and clear walkways, and maximising the small space. #LO1 #LO2 I started manually on the plan and doing sketches as that’s where my expertise lay, after I was happy with my setup on paper, I took it to AutoCad (an architecture software that I was unfamiliar with) and began creating the model on the computer. This was particularly challenging as I had to develop a primary level proficiency in the software very quickly to create a ‘up-to standard’ model. Although I don’t perceive myself to be very talented on the computer, I believe being able to use CAD Software is a very valuable skill that is regarded in the growing industry or architecture.

Lastly I challenged myself to create a CAD model of a residential house using Sketchup – an application I was not familiar with but would be useful and quite necessary in my future profession.



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