The Memory Project is an organisation that works with high school students to create portraits for children around the world in order to cultivate global kindness. Since 2004, the organisation has delivered more than 160,000 portraits to children in more than 55 different nations. Each child receiving a portrait has a different backstory. Some from refugee camps, some in severe poverty, these children could really benefit from being shown that people care about their wellbeing. The name Memory Project is derived from the vision of the organisation to create special childhood memories for the children to look back at in the future. 

The entire process is quite a simple one. Pictures of the children from different charities get sent to different high schools around the world. Students create one-of-a-kind portraits with assistance from their teachers. These portraits are then sent back to the organisation which delivers them to the appropriate charities.

The memory project was a really fulfilling experience and I was very happy to take part in painting the portraits for the kids. It was a great way to connect with not only the Pakistani culture but also the children and the art community. Throughout this activity I developed my art skills further but at the same time, I was able to understand a deeper connection of how art brings people from all over the world together. I really enjoyed painting the portrait for the girl I was painting because I realised that through the process, I got to build a special bond with a child without ever meeting her. The process of painting this little girl whom I’ve never seen in real life, made me find out tiny details that I wouldn’t even realise about people I see all the time.



#LO2 Working again with the theatre department and students reminded me exactly why I continue to try out and participate in productions. The long hours of commitment towards the creation, polishing and fixing of scenes seemed incredibly daunting to me as I considered the rest of the workload I had especially in season 1. Surprisingly the commitment to the production and my other activities has helped me develop my time management and work efficiency, as my time for procrastination has been squashed.

I am extremely grateful to have the experience of being apart of this cohort’s last production as well as the opportunity to develop my performance skills and confidence. It was a thrilling and entertaining experience to work with and be surrounded by such creative individuals that inspired and motivated my own creative process.

#LO6 During our stages of research and development it became increasingly clear to me that this production had a serious nature and an air of gravitas that other productions may not offered. Even though BTBF is joyous and funny at times, there’s no doubt that a dense layer of despair and helplessness underpin many of the characters lives. I personally believe that this production transcends the confines of the black box theatre or the drama room: though in my perspective it’s simply a performance, for millions of other individuals it is the narrative of their livelihoods. I hope this production will instil as much change and thought as it has in me and the rest of the crew.


Activity: Volleyball Season 2019

In my fourth and final year of being a member of the Volleyball team, feelings of gratitude and nostalgia have visited me often as I think about how far I have progressed since I first tried out in grade 9. The annual Volleyball season has always been the most stressful sports season due to the overlapping of work and other activities. Nonetheless, it is the season where I feel most rewarded for the efforts and determination I employ.

This year I was given the opportunity to hold a place of leadership. I’ve learnt that being a captain or having a position of leadership within a team does not only mean setting a good example and holding up my part as a player, but also that I consistently remain aware of the group and our spirits. To its core, volleyball is an extremely mental game and can be won or lost based on a teams grit and mentality.