Activity: Softball Pre-Season and Season

This pre-season was especially successful as I saw the most growth within myself as a player. In my fourth year I have finally begun to refine my technique and skills such as the way I grip and handle the bat when I’m batting.

LO7 –¬†To our dismay, this year’s SEASAC Softball was cancelled for the second year in a row. Although the team and myself were incredibly upset at the fact that we had trained very hard all pre-season (and woken up at 6am for continuous weeks), we quickly realised that the decision to stop SEASAC and other international trips was necessary in mitigating the effects of the Coronavirus. This event has truly put my life into perspective as I have been left to think about the fact that the very privileged difficulties and ‘hardships’ that I endure often become inflated in significance in my head. Although I do not get to attend SEASAC, there are others that are losing family members to this epidemic.

Creativity and Activity: Kahaani 2020

Full Dance Video 

LO2 – This years dance was challenging in the sense that it was very fast paced and required a degree of synchronisation at times. Bhangra dance has a very energetic and lively tone and the dance is equally vivacious, therefore trainings and performances were often very physically exhausting. Nonetheless, this Kahaani was an incredibly rewarding and fun experience, and I’m grateful to have performed one last time among my friends.