Reflective Statement 2

As I gathered an abundance of literary journals and academic papers, I found it overwhelming and time consuming to filter out and pick information I would specifically use in my writing. I used textbooks, journals and online academic papers to source research done by professors and authors. The expert opinions and perspectives I applied, strengthened the claims I made in my writing. As disability studies deeply interested me, I often caught myself writing off tangent and straying away from the focus of my paper, thus my supervisor advised me to minimise this habit by prioritising information and referring back to my plan of the structure of my essay. My supervisor thinks I must embed more research and context in my first few paragraphs where it has been overpowered by analysis. This is to ensure the purpose of my essay is clear and understood from the beginning.

Reflective Statement 1

Although initially I was unsure of what topic to choose, after brainstorming my interests I decided to focus on the novel, The Poisonwood Bible. This choice was stemmed from my interest in Colonialism – which I had previously learnt about in my history class – therefore I believed it was a topic that would sustain my engagement and enjoyment throughout the EE process. My first obstacle was to carefully read through the book as I had realised little progress or further decision making could commence since my understanding of the novel was quite little. I am interested in possibly comparing the novels The Poisonwood Bible and The Heart of Darkness and analysing the contrasting perspectives and themes they present. My supervisor suggested I read some external sources of postcolonial literary theory and feminist literary theory to become comfortable with the specific jargon used, advance my vocabulary and anchor my thinking.