Introduction to G11 Maths

Maths and Me

Although I have never been the one to greatly excel in math, I enjoy the challenge of problem solving, and find the outcome of solving a tough problem extremely gratifying. I prefer when new math theorem is taught to me, I am a visual learner therefore diagrams and visualisation often benefit my learning, and make the learning process faster and more enjoyable. After I am able to understand the concepts and ideas of a new theorem, I prefer to tackle and struggle through it independently, asking for help when I truly hit a dead end. In situations whee I find myself stuck in maths, which happens more often than not, I usually redo the equation or problem I’m working on, to check that I didn’t mess up in the working out or thinking process. If I am still stuck after two or three redo’s, I turn to a friend or the teacher for some guidance. It took me a long time to understand that it is intact ok to ask for assistance, and staring at the equation on your paper wont make it solve itself. I often judge a problem or equation before even tackling it, therefore I need to destroy the habit of being intimated by maths problems, and need to increase my confidence in maths.

Creative, Imaginative, Curious, Adaptable, Persistent, Collaborative, Flexible, A good communicator, Responsible, Open minded, Optimistic, Self disciplined, Reflective