EE interim conversation 2

After having the entire summer to work on writing and completing the first draft of my EE, I received feedback on my first draft from my supervisor in a meeting with him. It was quite informative and useful as after having an entire summer to work by myself on the essay and having numerous good ideas but being unsure of how to string them together he provided a good insight on the progress my essay had made so far and could provide a new perspective or path I could undertake.

In a holistic approach he pointed out what had been good in my essay so far and what were the weak links and how I could further improve it. It was a very helpful conversation as now I can direct my editing towards the right and necessary direction. Furthermore, I checked the essay with the the EE guideline and criteria to see where I stand in his eyes, someone with experience of analysing these types of essays. It also helped me provide a better understanding of what I was doing good and what I had fallen short of and needed to provide more. Therefore, in conclusion this was overall a healthy conversation which helped further narrow my focus for my extended essay as I near the end of perfecting the draft.

End of the year Math Reflection

In my opinion, if I could re-do the academic year of Grade 11, I would take a more controlled and even approach. I would try to spread my work out more evenly. Do more practice throughout the year, to hone my skills, instead of working before tests and quizzes. Practice past papers in timed conditions as it really helps hone the necessary skills for the actual exam. I think the most important thing I have learnt is perseverance and asking for help. When it comes to HL Math, unlike any other Math course we have done before, there will come a time when you will struggle to grasp a concept. To move past this positively, it is necessary to either practice or learn the skill or ask for help, whether that be to your peers or your teacher. I think it is easy to recognise you’ve done well on a test or a quiz when you have a level grade, and good marks throughout all sections of the paper as that shows a good understanding of all topics coming on the assessment. I think the most challenging aspect was juggling 2 math classes therefore 2 math concepts at the same time all year around. This is because, both of the concepts are polar and it is difficult to be learning 2 different things at the same time.

Kahaani final reflection

After completing Kahaani I began looking back upon the challenges I faced and how overall it was a great learning experience. Kahaani in general was a difficult experience due to the time we had and the fact I only knew 3 people in our dance. Getting to know all the new people from different grades, and getting to know our dance leaders from Grade 9 took time, therefore was a hurdle we had to collaborate and get over. This is because to have a functional dance, we need to have a group which works well together. Therefore, we had to collaborate well together to pull it off. Reaching the final few weeks our dance was not at the point I expected it to be, and I began to get worried about whether we would be able to pull it off successfully.

However, upon reaching the final stage, I realised we did. We had all put our individual work in and learnt the dance, which I felt was crucial to this as we had to overcome the period in between where we were struggling to string the different steps together, and the only way to do this was with practice. Furthermore, on the day of Kahaani, the actual performance itself, I picked up an injury to my ankle. I twisted my ankle and was not able to dance to my best ability, however I persevered through, as pulling out as a dancer last minute in a group dance would affect not only me, but jeopardise my entire group.

EE Initial Reflection

For my EE, Currently I am working on a question surrounding the Battle of Stalingrad and the events surrounding it and their importance in shaping WW2. However reaching this question and choosing it from an infinite range of topics has been interesting. I have always had interest in the Battle for numerous reasons, therefore resulting in me choosing it as my topic. Ranging from the sheer numbers involved in this war to the debatable decisions that were made.

I had my first meeting with my supervisor, Mr Sharry, after conducting initial research and the EE planning process. I met with him and showed him my ideas so far and he guided me well, helping me narrow down my question and give me good ideas to discuss. He asked probing questions on my question to help me identify areas which I had little knowledge on at first, so I can work on these sections to learn more to eventually help my essay. After this insightful conversation, we together identified goals and steps to work on before our next meeting. I set targets to conduct more research and attempt to narrow down on the question.

EE Writing Day Reflection

  1. One thing I’ve learned
    The EE Writing Day has been a productive day in which I have been able to narrow down my initial question through thorough primary research to something which is not regularly spoken of yet can be debated over. Therefore, through this I have learnt the importance of conducting primary research on a topic to be able to narrow down your views into a more manageable question.
  2. What I’m proud of
    Personally I am proud of identifying a section on the Battle of Stalingrad, my main focus for the EE, which is not considered very often. This is the politically decided priorities and strategies and how it led to Nazi defeat. I found this through primary research by reading a book on the battle itself and identified clear faults in the German tactics and how the Russians were able to take advantage of this.
  3. What I’ll be doing next
    My next step is to conduct more research on the strategies and decisions, identifying three main strategies which were decisive in the outcome of the war, and finding sources on them. After this I must analyse the sources and their reliability. Furthermore, it is important to also supply this research with in-depth historiography to be able provide facts and statistics to validate my thesis and main argumentative points. Furthermore, I feel I have reached a good point to begin writing my essay after this research, primarily the abstract and introduction as I have reached a final argument I want to focus on.