Kahaani final reflection

After completing Kahaani I began looking back upon the challenges I faced and how overall it was a great learning experience. Kahaani in general was a difficult experience due to the time we had and the fact I only knew 3 people in our dance. Getting to know all the new people from different grades, and getting to know our dance leaders from Grade 9 took time, therefore was a hurdle we had to collaborate and get over. This is because to have a functional dance, we need to have a group which works well together. Therefore, we had to collaborate well together to pull it off. Reaching the final few weeks our dance was not at the point I expected it to be, and I began to get worried about whether we would be able to pull it off successfully.

However, upon reaching the final stage, I realised we did. We had all put our individual work in and learnt the dance, which I felt was crucial to this as we had to overcome the period in between where we were struggling to string the different steps together, and the only way to do this was with practice. Furthermore, on the day of Kahaani, the actual performance itself, I picked up an injury to my ankle. I twisted my ankle and was not able to dance to my best ability, however I persevered through, as pulling out as a dancer last minute in a group dance would affect not only me, but jeopardise my entire group.

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