Photo Gallery

This photo was taken by my sister. When my friend and I were at the Deresort wildwet.It was a very exciting day. We get to know each other better by trying different scary recreation facilities.This photo was taken by me during the high scho0l assembly. All the students are excited about the new school year. There are some specialize talent show during the assembly.

This photo was taken by me during our first swimming class. Unfortunatly, I did not join in. Looks like everyone in our class is having fun. We, who are not willing to swim, seated on the benches and chat about our new semester.

Sunset here is so gorgeous! This photo was posted without a filter. I am so lucky cuz I only need five minutes to get to the school.So many first times showed in this gallery. There are definitely gonna be more in the future.

“Smile of China”

Smile of China is a global concern group in UWCSEA which is willing to help impoverished kids in China by raising funds for them. It was first founded by an Australian couple in China. It is called as the New hope foundation. Its purpose is to providing loving care and arranging medical treatment and palliative care for orphaned children in China.

The reason why I want to join in this GC is that it is related to my own country. I am passionate about helping other disabled people in China. Some situations in China can be found in on news. We can clearly see what happened to the kids who are suffering from poverty. Smile of China provides a great opportunity for me to try something new.


Welcome to this blog which is about my first week in United World College of South East Asia. It was totally different from my original school.I came out from the comfort zone and try to connect with more people in the community. Although is hard to fit into a new environment, I will be proud of myself for overcomes the hardest part. My expectation for this year is to improve my English language skills, subjects’ grades and being a real “UWCer”. In order to achieve these goals, I might make a plan in detailed which can reflect my learning.No doubt to say, teachers here are soooo nice and are willing to help the students with struggles.UWCSEA is a new starting point for me. In this week, we mostly played ice-breaking games during the classes due to everybody is new and does not familiar with teachers.This process is essential for a learner because it is important to know your coworkers and teacher’s teaching style. On Friday, we get to know more services, including GCs. The culterama is coming soon so everybody is getting excited about the school. However, struggles and hard feelings still appeared toward me, that might be same for everyone. Anyways, keep going!!!