Gpers reflection- Mandala reflection

My Mandala reflection had reflected some of my common misunderstood and mistakes in writing. The comments are usable for me to improve my writing skills, it let me discover what is my strength and weak point. In order to improve my writing skills, I need to set some goals in the future.

  1. I need a further explanation for the statement and examples. In my essay, I stated the marriage system in China but I did not point out why it is a Chinese traditional. This explantation formed a more complete structure so it can help the teacher to better understand the explanation.
  2. I need to reread the criteria and the writing prompts every time when I open the document. The criteria remind me of what I need to include in the essay. The miss of one of the explanations is the main cause of losing points in the essay.

Overall, I did not include all the criteria in my essay, some of the paragraphs are missing ingredients. Sometimes I did not explain the influences or how does it relate to determinism, free will, etc. I learned from this project that I need to clearly analyze the criteria and the table since it is the standard for grading the essay.

Drama reflection-Puppet

During the last drama class, we made our own puppet and created its own stories. Our goal is to ensure the human movement of the puppet, give him an identity and show its story. This is a new type of performing, so how can we make the puppet “alive” is the essential ability that we need to work on during the class.

  • Manipulation: The puppet should be manipulated by at least three people- one person control its legs and the other two hold its arms, neck, and body. The first action that makes the puppet alive is breathing. In order to let it breathe, the person who controls the neck needs to move up and down to show the fluctuate of its body. Three principles about manipulating a puppet: focus, breathe and move.
  • Storytelling: Since we only have one puppet, we can only show one person’s story. At first, we were thinking about a depression moment of the puppet. When the extra actor was added in the story, more ideas came out. Our story is about a baby who is trying to learn walking, he falls several times but eventually, he can walk straightly. We choose this because this could be challenging to manipulate the puppet’s movement.
  • Emotion and feeling: When we are trying to express the puppet emotion and its feelings, we normally use body language to express its emotion since we can not make sounds. For instance, to show the sad emotion of the puppet, he can wipe his face and his body can shake.