Gpers reflection- Mandala reflection

My Mandala reflection had reflected some of my common misunderstood and mistakes in writing. The comments are usable for me to improve my writing skills, it let me discover what is my strength and weak point. In order to improve my writing skills, I need to set some goals in the future.

  1. I need a further explanation for the statement and examples. In my essay, I stated the marriage system in China but I did not point out why it is a Chinese traditional. This explantation formed a more complete structure so it can help the teacher to better understand the explanation.
  2. I need to reread the criteria and the writing prompts every time when I open the document. The criteria remind me of what I need to include in the essay. The miss of one of the explanations is the main cause of losing points in the essay.

Overall, I did not include all the criteria in my essay, some of the paragraphs are missing ingredients. Sometimes I did not explain the influences or how does it relate to determinism, free will, etc. I learned from this project that I need to clearly analyze the criteria and the table since it is the standard for grading the essay.

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