Humanity- development reflection

We ended up our development unit, it is a wide included unit- includes most of the interaction concepts and details. End of the unit task is to use provided categories to form sentences and interpretation.

  • Values/ measures/ correlations/ causes/ contradiction/ power/ culture/ institutions/ sustainability

The culture within a nation can also be a goal for development. Culture includes personal attitudes, self- realization, self-achievement, etc. It is hard to say that an individual’s value or a country is not influenced by their culture. With improved learning and health, increased tolerance, and opportunities to come together with others, culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall well-being for both individuals and communities.

There is a alter correlation between institution and development. Factors include the quality of bureaucracy, corruption in government, rule of law, expropriation risk, and repudiation of the contract by the government have been tested to determine their effect on economic growth. Additionally, in development, what we choose to measure affect our value. There is no standard for measurement of development, so the focus alters your view on development. For instance, if I decide to measure the development of China and Australia by using the commodities value and GDP, the result will end up differently since China is going through tertiary production level whereas Australia is still depending on minerals exports. However, Australia has a higher GDP than China. Therefore, people might argue between these two countries.


Drama reflection- world theatre tradition

During the last several classes, we tried to express a world traditional story in different techniques. At first, we focused on to build the steal images of the story. Then added the element of traditional masks which made it more mystical. Eventually, we used some traditional puppets to perform the story. When we were thinking about the WTT story, we were trying to find a theme for the steal images, this attempt gives the audience a sense of our story. Additionally, we added smooth transitions while we were using the masks, the most difficult task for wearing a mask is to exchange between mask and characters.  One of the techniques we used is to emphasize the other side of the story while one person is changing masks. Finally, the performance of the traditional puppet is the hardest attempt since the manipulation of the puppet need practices. It is harder to express the character compares to the first attempt, so it is considered as a new improvement of our play.

This overall process helps us to understand different performing techniques in world traditions. It was a well experience and I had a chance to get to know other performing techniques. I still remember when we were discussing to perform traditional fairy tales using masks. That’s the funniest part for me due to we all familiar with the story so act out the characteristics of character is even harder.