Fri- Outdoor activities and survived a tsunami

On Friday, I heard two stories, one about survived a tsunami in Thailand, another one is “struggles in academics but finds the way out in outdoor education”.These are the topic I found interesting in, especially the second one since I often do outdoor activities, the way it releases stressful things and contact with nature is always the best thing to do after a period of working time. As for the tsunami, I am just curious about the influences on the survivors.

Although it is not a big disaster, he experienced watching people’s life gone away and realize human is so tiny compared to nature. After the tsunami, many injured people were transferred by helicopters, everyone is panic and crawled in hotels waiting for further instructions. I can not imagine what happened there, the speaker said he can see hands steaking out under the remains, and he did not actually see these scenes before. Fortunately, they were totally fine. On the next day, the embassies took all their citizens back to their country freely. Under disasters like this, the governments are still well-organized which is impressed.

The second speaker lived in a wide place during his childhood, it gave him the ability to access natural education. His family also encouraged him to do outdoor activities, such as horse riding, skiing, and windsurfing. However, his abundant outdoor experiences did not give him advantages in the academic aspect. He did not get ideal scores for GSCE and dropped university in the second year. One thing I remember the most is his boss fired him when he was doing his first job, claimed he works slow and learns slow. He was shocked, obviously, self doubted about his ability his background information. Very luckily, his family supported him to do something he really likes, later on, he taught windsurfing in clubs and participated in a lot of outdoor events. In my point of view, perhaps he does not adapt to settle down, discover the new world and find the connection between humans and nature is something he feels good at, but he will settle, one day. Why people have to do things they are not good at,?

I summarized some possible angles I may pay a lot more attention to:

  • Nurture and nature’s impact on the second speaker
  • first speaker’s point of view on the resolution of governement, how they handled this disaster
  • People do not have to follow the path those other people went before
  • future impacts of the tsunami on the survivor

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  1. Some great ideas for topics/angles here. We have another member of the community who was caught in the same tsunami…he and his family barely survived. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch…

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