Reflection- Monologue

After finishing our monologue unit, we reflected around a circle.

Personally speaking, this is the first time for me to perform individually on the stage and prepare all the things by myself. This seems like a challenge for me and I am glad I overcome it. As for my character, since I did not read the book before, through the monologue, I can clearly understand what was hse thinking. Being a young girl during WW2, she acted strong and positive. Monologue shows the inner side of a character and somehow, when we choose our monologue, the character we chose might reflect our personality.

As a group, I like the way how we supported and gave advice to each other during the process. Everyone was really engaged when we were constructing our performs and Ms.Yunnecelli gave us a lot of comments, including how we can revise and build the vibe. Additionally, we all have different monologues and different presenting moods, so as an audience, I can watch different pieces which is a great experience.

To summarize, I learned a lot in this unit. About my character, my performing strategies, and being more comfortable when I am alone on the stage.

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