2020.5.13 class reflection

One moment that you think best illustrates the style of the comic overall and the mood it intends to create in the story:one intriguing feature in this comic is the chiaroscuro and the arrangement of the panel. The producer illustrates a gloomy background using shadows. We can not actually see the facial expressions. It signifies a deeper layer of the setting as well as the mystery of the troll witch to the audience. The whole story is expressed in an oppressive and odd mood due to the addition of shadows. Moreover, the arrangement of the opening panel indicates the function of the character, it quickly gives the audience an impression of the character. We can see pestle and motor on the right panels so we can infer the character has a job related to strange drug production.

One moment that you think is a particularly powerful example of comic language being used to create character/relationship:These is a list of panels that I really like. The troll witch is telling the story of a pair of sisters fighting against trolls, seems like she is telling it from the third person’s perspective. However, she is the main character – the ugly daughter in her story. It is a reflection of her action when she revealed her inner intension and thought in a third person’s story. It sounds a little bit biting to me as she talks about herself in a mocking and ironic tone. Therefore, I consider this piece of embedded dialogue triggers her act of giving flowers to reproduce beautiful babies, whether it is because she feels regret or dislikes herself. It may be a guess, but the use of colors and chiaroscuro in the comic overall well displays the mood and tone of the story.

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