Outline preparation slide

Comment and questions:

  1. I really like this choice of presentation, I think it is well-fitting for your aims of the project and ties in skills from many different subjects. I wonder if you will make a diagram digitally or on paper? I think a computer simulation could extend that idea, although it might be quite challenging.
  2. I like how creative this project idea is! It’s gonna be really easy for you to be interested in and enjoy doing a project that you know is about something you really like, that’s so smart. It’s such a good idea and I cant wait to see how it turns out 🙂

Answers and thoughts:

  1. Well, computer stimulation is a really good suggestion, indeed, it will be really challenging and I do not have such experiences before. The form of the final product is the one I am most struggling with, perhaps the final product of this topic should be related to technology and logic, I will brainstorm a little…
  2. Choose the topic that you are interested in means you have more passion for research, to construct your inner ideas. That’s why I choose this topic, it is quite newfangled and it includes a broad range of subjects. However, since the inspiration came from the movie, less data are provided, most of them are hypothesis…

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