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We started to work on our project after we decided on our research question(it may change and further develop through the research process). My research question is Could we ever create the Jurrasic park? I consider it an intriguing topic and I am feeling passionate. When the movie series of Jurassic Park and the world are published, the recreation of dinosaurs in real life and the development of this technology has always been a question to the scientist. My aim is to research whether the formation of the ecosystem of dinosaur is possible nowadays or the future.

The content is mainly divided into four categories- technology/ morality/ science and exploration. I brainstormed the elements I need to know as a background under these categories in order to develop my own understanding. The final product of my project might be a poster or diagram. These two are the most interesting and attractive form that I can think about. However, when I was still selecting my product form, my feedback mates gave me some really insightful advice, such as an online stimulation. As far as I am concerned, it is pretty challenging for me to do so, I may concentrate on the quality of appearance rather than its content, so I decided to spend more time researching and developing stage.

To let it to become creative and attractive, I will revise all the useful information I gained in the first stage and transform them into a complete system. From the very first stage- the development of genetic technology to how can dinosaurs survive in the recent environment. I will add the additional creative element when I am designing the infographic and layout of my product.

One of the obstacles I met during the process is choosing the topic. From my mood board, you can actually see a broad range of topics but none of them became my final research question. I was busy wavering between all the topics presented, but the rolling snowball activities really pull me from the dilemma. I received many ideas and finally started my topic.

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  1. I like the idea of splitting it into those 4 major sections so that you have a direction to go in. Deciding which sources are credible and which things to include in your final project will be a challenge for you!

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