Visual Irony in PSA Ads

Example analysis from classmates:

Some questions about satire:

  • The ad of the child being held by his supposed mother is ironic in a way that the purpose of the ad is to inform the public that social media campaigns that deliver us a sense of goodness and charity by liking an image of an issue, making us feel as if we are doing something good for the planet, does not benefit anyone else except ourselves. The use of visual and verbal irony of numerous positive thumbs up next to a situation full of despair along with the statement “liking isn’t helping”, connects the use of social media online and how useless it would be if it was in real life, thus proving the point.
  • The Visual Irony is in the literal visualisation of likes as the thumbs up and how the way they position themselves around the struggling mother and child, they almost seem to be supporting the behaviour, when instead they should be holding out their hands offering support. This contributes to how digital likes on an image doesn’t contribute to actual help. Simply standing around someone in need of assistance does nothing but draw others to the scene, but until someone takes action the act may as well not have been done.

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