STEM Project reflection


  • How my project was successful/not successful -e.g. What went well and what didn’t

During these three weeks, we’ve been working on our science crest project, which includes the final product, bibliography, and working process. I consider my project a half success. The positive response is I improved my time management skill during this time and what my final project achieved is really close to my initial plan. The tasks are separated according to sections, I started with a single section a day, so I finish the whole project just two days before it is due. It provides more time for me to revise so I might continue to use it in other subjects as well. One thing I can improve is put the research results into my own words. Indeed, I spend most of the time researching, the process of selecting the useful sources already took a lot of energy from me. To revise it, I can try to combine several sentences into one and revise a little next time.

  • What have I learned through this whole process? – science and personal skills

Through the research process, I gained a varied range of knowledge of dinosaur engineering, as well as the broader implication of genetic engineering in the future. It is also a chance for us to adopt new application skills, such as building a computer simulation. One of my classmates used Minecraft to build an architecture model, which is really intriguing. The real goal of these studies is understanding the relationship between genetic change, development, and anatomy that underscored one of the most wonderful evolutionary transitions of all time. Moreover, the improvement of my time management prevents me from procrastinating. Overall, this project brings a lot of positive benefits to me.

  • What impact might the results of my project have on other people/the wider world?

The aim of my project is to examine the possibilities for humans to recreate dinosaurs and other extinct animals using genetic engineering and evaluate the ethical decision behind it. The wider importance of it is what is the future trend of genetic engineering and what can the development of this technology bring to humans and the earth ecosystem? Hopefully, the project does not only provide knowledge for the readers, the morality piece can also cause the readers to think deeply. Whether recreate dinosaurs is a plausible decision, both for humans and theses extinct animals.

  • What I would have done to improve my work?

Establish a more complete working system so I can better prepare for the research. For instance, categorize the sources and cites them before I closed the website. I took a lot of time on sources citing since I can not find some of the websites I used. Putting them into a doc is a more convenient way I can do to reduce extra time.

  • What should I do to develop the project in the future?

The research question was changed a little by Ms. Parker, so I should consider an appropriate research question by myself next time. Consider the broad range and research direction of it. Next time, I want to try something new next time if I have plenty of time. Maybe a computer simulation can produce more fancy products. It takes extra time for me to learn new application knowledge though…





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