Subversive monologue – Dumbo

I came from Sri Lanka, that is what my mama told me so. It is a wonderful place, although I had never been there before, my impression of that place all came from my mother. Those top ancient trees extend their thick and strong roots under the ground, surrounded by flowers blooming in all varieties. The river water is also transparent, she said, she can even see those little baby fish swimming through her legs. These are the fragments she told me when she did not have a performance. She is Mr. Ringmaster’s least favorite actress, but I know that is what she did to protect me. Therefore, all those performances that other elephants refused to do eventually became her duties. I feel sad for her, so did Timothy mouse. He told me all these messages when I was still inside the carriage. 


People in the circus called me a “freak” just because I got these stupid large ears. This feature distinguished me from other elephants. I never feel sad about this “gift from the sky”, that’s obviously a lie, I did at the beginning. When people surround me and make fun of me, I often imagine them as a group of noisy crows – the animal I hate the most in the circus. It can release me a little, despite those boring creatures, I stay inside my little world with my mum’s accompaniment. She encouraged me to make new friends, and I succeeded. Mr. Ringmaster’s nephew and niece are the few good people I know here. They talked to me and protected me from the darknesses. We trained together, ate together, and it was them who told me I am capable of flying- something strange but worth a shot. I did rely on them, even told them my plan for escaping. They were struck at first, but suddenly encouraged me to do so and said they are likely to provide some help. Their help can make my plan more successful, I thought like that before dawn.


And, everything just suddenly changed. Mum was shot, lying on the bloody ground with her eyes opened ferocious and painless. Everything was spinning around me. The tent, the props all collapsed into the darkness all of a sudden. Like the massive and destructive earthquake, mama told me once it happened in Sri Lanka. It is cold, bloody, merciless, deprived of everything. I did not cry. The last time I cried was when I got separated from my mama. 


Humans sitting in front of the truck are talking, laughing like a boy and a girl. I can finally relax a little, catch the views outside the enormous window. The grassland smelt fresh and sweet after rain. I remembered what those humans used to tell, that I am the “gift from the sky”, I obtained abilities other elephants did not have. Cutting off all my thoughts,  I was injected again, entering my new world…


All I wish is do not become a strange elephant in my next life. If the spirit heard my message, please let me know.

One thought on “Subversive monologue – Dumbo

  1. Nice description referenced to show Dumbo’s confusion and disdain for his identity, “stupid large ears”. A lot of his internal feelings are expressed, “I feel sad for her”, which allows us to resonate more with the character. The ending is interesting as we are left at a cliffhanger, unsure of the next direction Dumbo will take.

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