Reflection on Riding hood ads

How does the interplay of written & visual text affect our response/interpretation? Consider the Audience, Purpose, Perspective. How does the intertextual nature of the text create a completely different impact? Does this text have anything to say about identity?


Information in this ad is categorically organized, that is of less importance is smaller and lower on the page. Some of the text in this advertisement is bolded and enlarged in contrasting colors, so the audience can directly catch the key information as what the ad wants them to put attention on. The changing sequence of the title is also indicating this subversive change of characters compares to the original story. Moreover, the red color of the ” Riding hood red” provides a significant mention of the red color as it is being emphasized in the whole image. Red symbolizes youth and beauty( the lipstick provides the color in this case), it is obvious in the ad that everything related to riding hood is colored in red. The red fonts also contrast with the black background, to indicate the position of suited men and the riding hood in the ad. The woman is colored while the men are in black and white, showing amused expression and laughing respectively. give focus to the woman as civilized, while men, in this case, are presented as wolfs.


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