In today’s session, we introduced why we joined the GC.

The reason why I choose this GC is that I found there is plenty of news about period poverty in China nowadays, people living in rural areas buy poor quality pad and cotton to pass the period. In some places in India, women can not afford the high cost of the pad, therefore using tissue paper and leaves to hold the blood underneath. So I want to explore the actual causes behind this serious global issue and held up events or raising awareness in society.

During the session, we read some articles and videos about period poverty and discussing the issue happening in India and New Zeland. Something did surprise me is a lot of male citizens in India do not even know the concept of period, as for women, they do not want to talk about it due to religion and belief factors.

Knowing the background knowledge allows me to better interpret the issue and preparing for the next step.

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  1. wow, this is very interesting and I wasn’t aware that there was “period poverty”. After having a read at this, I am definitely going to do some research on it.

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