Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance took part in the early 20 century, a  movement for the discovery of what meant to be an artist, black and American. The artwork in that period normally combined three themes together. The movement inspires different forms of art, including drama, poet, paintings, and films. It often discussed the double consciousness of the African American experience, which refers to the focus towards the white community and the black community. Lanston Hughes expresses the folk tale style in his art pieces. He was born in 1902, and his classmates gave him the title of “class poet”. He’s writing mood is that the best poem is written when he feels the worst, he write nothing when I feel happy. He ever claimed: “I am not interested in doing tricks with rhymes, I am interested in reproducing human soul.” There is also a conversion that happened in the black poet community, where some poet argued he is too black, others claimed he does not have enough black experiences. In some of his poems, he’s the word indicates the social circumstance, as if it does not change, things will be getting worse in a dire circumstance.

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