Notes on the meaning of blue and reference to black culture

The blues are many things that appeared in the black culture and inevitably shown up in the opposite manner. On one hand, it symbolizes the depression time for the desperate black people in American society. It was a lowdown period. On the other hand, blue is also a kind of euphoria. People celebrate the freedom of lusty survivorship and their insistence spirit by crying for what they had experienced.  Blues is repeatedly used in much black literature, songs, and art pieces to symbolizes both sides of the culture, such as the bluest eye and Skip James, Hard time killing floor blue.

The blue started to emerge in states like Texas and Missipi delta as a form of American African slave song in the earliest 1900s Agricultural laborers would like to listen to these songs played by roaming solo musicians. However, the black farmers immigrated from the South in order to escape this hardscrabble situation. They often viewed the traditional blue songs as an “unwanted reminder” of past experiences- what they might suffer from discrimination and prejudice. They wish to hear music that can reflect their new urban life. This gave rise to the transformation form of blue, eg. electrified form, that can lead people to the dance floor, often involves rock elements. Over hundreds of years, blue already becomes a significant feature of black minorities. It involves a rich and powerful history of celebrities who help to create and build up the culture.



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