The Price of Black Ambition

In the Price of black Ambition, the author kindly discusses her life experiences from kindergarten to a famous writer to retrace back the emerging of her black ambition. During kindergarten age, she once received an F for her academic grade. As she said: “As a black girl in these United States—I was the daughter of Haitian immigrants—I had no choice but to work toward being the best,” we can partially understand her situation back then in the United States. Becoming the best can brings reputation and respect for her family which she thought is the only way for her to stand out during that age. Until she started to work, and her books became famous. Her inner mind thought: “May I be worthy of all of this. And there is a part of me that realizes how hard I have worked for this, and that I have, in part, earned this.” This part of her life can be seen as proven outcomes. We can see how this sense of black ambition has influenced her in her life experiences, which finally achieved herself. Being a part of the black community, the goal towards a more bright future had become everyone’s “ambition”.

She also discusses her attitude after she was inspired by some of the publications and important festivals in black history. Black history month when all the black celebrities and people who made contributions are being held. They all make the success of this generation possible. However, she also concerns about the twenty-first century, where “this relegating of black ambition to one month of recognition feels constraining and limiting rather than inspirational.” People’s attitudes are changing throughout the period as the situation goes on. The black ambition is then hidden inside individuals. Without exposure, I doubt people are more willing to pursue a more stable life. When Obama became the president of the states, the author ” realize how much I believe that all good things will come if I—if we—just work hard enough.” There are people who always working hard towards the goal in the group. They became the leader, claimed by the concept of “talented tenth”. They impulsed everyone in the community to work harder, everyone should not be left behind.

As a black woman, the author clearly knows how profound this country can be to break a woman, especially with the racism carried behind. Even though she had some success in her life, the situation and her inner side still push her toward her next goal. It never stops. This article is a very encouraging and hopeful piece. People’s ambition may come from their minority, family, or social status. It is never satisfied which impulse individuals to reach a higher level of your life. By reading this article, I am willing to find my own ambition in life as the author claimed. It grows from seed at a young age and is going to become taller and taller, gradually reaching every step of my life stairs.


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