The racism we all carry

The author opens the article with a line of a song lyric from Boardway musical Avenue. It talks about racism in a global manner, which everyone born to carry certain racism. Later on, the author lists several experiences from famous people, outlining the fact that racism is carried by everyone in different ways. One example of Dean is giving specifically to demonstrate how racism is revealed by people. The author first contracts her as a person who” complete lack of shame” and “doesn’t have enough self-preservation”, however in the next paragraph, Dean is described as a person who “never said N-words and make openly racist comments on air.” His example suggests that people all contain somewhat degree of racism and Dean is the person who breaks the unwritten rule- a hidden rule inside people’s hearts. The author also takes his own example. When the Korean college students moved out of the apartment, the receptionist complained about the awful smell inside the room and said: “You know who those people are.” This example also provides readers with an interpretation of how people carry their racism. Even if people don’t say, there are still stereotypical concepts about certain race inside their mind.

The paragraph uses several examples to discuss the idea of how people are being racist in somewhat degrees. It underlies society’s circumstances nowadays, as people rarely speak about their inner thoughts and racism, but it still can be found inside everyone’s mind. People still deeply carry different perspectives and stereotypical concept towards certain cultures.

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